Holding an event at the Mullis Center


Rental use of MCSC facilities is regulated by our tax-exempt status, RCW 84.36 and the Washington Department of Revenue rules, creating the following user classes:


1.   Programs for seniors sponsored by San Juan Senior Services and the San Juan Operations Committee for the benefit of local residents.

2.        Qualified, property-tax exempt non-profit or government groups may rent at standard Non-profit rates.

3.        Non-qualified non-profit (not exempt from property tax) groups may rent within a limit of 15 total dates each year.

4.        Private or commercial users may rent within a limit of 15 total dates each year when they certify below that no comparable, for-profit space in available within ten miles of the Mullis Center.

To make a reservation, call or email Debbie Haagensen, Facilities Manager 378-9102 mulliscenter@gmail.com


Private/Commercial User Certification


Commercial users are required to certify there is no comparable for-profit space available by contacting local commercial providers to determine availability of similar facilities without regard to price.

Potential “comparable for-profit” sites:

            Friday Harbor House, Linda Hersey 378-8455

            Earthbox Motel, Cindy Radden 378-4000

            Friday Harbor Suites, Jeannine Jennings 378-3031


I hereby certify that no for-profit provider is able to serve the needs of my group without regard to price.


Signature______________________________________ Date______________


Print name _____________________________________ Phone____________


Group or event name______________________________ Date_____________