Official Friday Harbor Taxi Fares - 2017

Friday Harbor Ferry landing to
Alpaca Farm - Krystal Acres (Via scenic Westside Rd) $27.00
Alpaca Farm - Krystal Acres (Via West Valley Rd, short route) $20.00
American Camp $20.00
Buddhist Retreat $25.00
Cape San Juan (Cattle Point) Lighthouse and residential area $23.00 - $ 30.00
Deerhaven Lane - bad road $50.00
Dewberry Lane - extremely rough road $50.00
Eagle Cove $20.00
English Camp (Via scenic Westside Rd) $28.00
English Camp (Via West Valley Rd, short route) $22.00
Friday Harbor anywhere within the Town $5.00
Friday Harbor Airport $5.00
Grand Tour of the island,  3 Hours, see all attractions $99.00
Hannah Road/Bullfrog area $20.00 to $23.00
High Haro Drive area $27.00
Inn to the Woods B&B $10.00
Jackson Beach $7.00
Juniper House $6.00
Kanaka Bay Area $13.00 - $16.00
Lakedale Resort Egg Lake area $13.00
Lavender Farm - Wold Road area $16.00
Limekiln Park/Whale Watch Park (Via scenic Westside Rd) $22.00
Mt. Dallas Road area $24.00 - $30.00
Oaks, The $8.00
Olympic Lights B&B $15.00
Peace Island Medical Center (in Friday Harbor) $5.00
Roche Harbor $24.00
Rouleau Road area/San Juan Drive/Lonesome Cove $23.00 - $29.00
San Juan County Park (via scenic Westside Rd) $30.00
San Juan County Park (via West Valley Rd) $25.00
San Juan Golf Course $10.00
San Juan Vineyards - Mona the Camel $11.00
Sanctuary Lane - Lawson Road area $50.00
Skagit Valley College $3.00/person
Snug Harbor Mitchell Bay (via scenic Westside Rd) $29.00
Snug Harbor Mitchell Bay (via West Valley Rd, short route) $23.00
South Beach - Bunny Hill $20.00
Trumpeter Inn B&B $6.00
Westcott Bay Road $23.00
WSU Labs $6.00
Yacht Haven (Via West Valley Rd) $21.00 - $25.00



Terms and Conditions

"Fare" refers to a comfortable loading of the taxi, a Honda Odyssey, generally 4 adults; additional passengers may be charged up to 25% of the fare each.  Children will be accommodated as much as possible. A car seat for children is not required by law but is highly recommended.

Small dogs and cats in a container will be accommodated as much as possible.

Reservations are strongly suggested.  Please give us as much notice as possible, call us as soon as your plans are firm.

Excess baggage may limit passengers and may incur extra charges.   

We are happy to help you with a walker but a wheelchair requires at least 24 hours notice so we can supply you with the proper vehicle.  If you are not ambulatory, we require you to have an attendant who can help you in and out of the vehicle.

Driver has sole determination as to the loading and may deny service for any reason whatsoever.  This company reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of drugs or liquor, or incapable of taking care of themselves, or whose condition, conduct or behavior may be objectionable to other passengers. We reserve the right to refuse carriage of any materials that the driver considers unsafe or not in the best interest of the passengers.

All information applies only to Friday Harbor Taxi, LLC and is not binding on other taxi companies.

Unless otherwise noted, all fares are one way.  For roundtrips, add 60% to the one-way fare and $0.50 per minute for waiting time over 5 minutes.

Trips starting from locations other than Friday Harbor may cost more, for example, a trip from Roche Harbor to Snug Harbor will be charged for the trip between Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor, then for the trip from Roche Harbor to Snug Harbor.

For trips not on this list, please ask driver for a firm price quote before commencing the trip.

All fares subject to Friday Harbor Taxi Terms and Conditions.  Prices are as of May 1, 2017, subject to change without notice.

Trips starting or ending before or after normal business hours (8:00 AM 6:00 PM) may incur up to a 100% surcharge.  Please ask driver for a firm price quote before commencing the trip.


Thank you for choosing Friday Harbor Taxi ! -- Contact us at 360-298-4434 (text or voice) or PO Box 954, Friday Harbor, WA  98250

We appreciate your business.

If you are not able to use our taxi service, please be advised that neither the Town of Friday Harbor or San Juan County has no regulations regarding taxi fares, and most other taxi companies do not publish their fares, so ask driver for a firm price quote before commencing your taxi trip.  The best surprise is NO surprise.